What Is The Concept, Theme & Style In Interior Design

Interior designing is a highly
professional & vast field, where the designer follows a particular process.
Every designer has their own process of designing from conceptualization to the
final finishing of the project. The beginning of the design process starts with
Concept, Theme & then style. These two terms consider as main elements of
each design like an example; how columns & beams are crucial for an
architectural space & how floor & slab are essential for an interior

What Is The Concept In Interior

In general, a Concept is an abstract idea,
a set of design elements, or a story behind the formation of the design. A
Design Concept is a foundational idea that gives a design its depth, meaning
& directions. In interior designing basically, the concept is the solution
to your site problems or challenges. 
Can be realistic or abstract, it can be influenced by any art form, tradition, history, and contemporary surroundings. Any idea born with its own special way of being executed or imagined. Ideas are tangible but there are also abstract concepts of nature such as philosophies or values.

There are two types of Concept

  • Visible –We may see the visible definition in the context of design, patterns, spatial planning, colors, structure, etc. They should come from the
    abstract part of the concept. They are focused more on how to convey
    the message.

  • Abstract – The abstract concept might be words
    that are used to describe the story of the design. For example, the concept
    might be sophisticated elegance, simplicity, blending, etc. which influence the
    invisible motifs. They are focused on the message the design is to communicate.

How to develop the Concept for
Interior Design?

Developing a strong concept is not a hard
thing but on other hand, it is not so easy for that you have really get
to flex your creative
After the initial meeting with the client, the next step is to develop the concept.
So for that, you have to follow some steps to get it done. They are;

Defining the problem: As
you can see above that concept is the solution to the problem so you have to
find out the problem or challenge related to the site. Eg;
before developing a concept for a commercial site you need to talk to your
client and ask questions about the client’s brand, their customers, their
general market, and their goals for the site. Also the same way for residential
clients that you have to ask questions about their wishes, their requirements,
their need & their vision for the site.

for the site
: The
won’t be able to tell everything which you want to know. The Designer has to do
their own research into the client industry looking at competing sites and
trying to understand more about their market by way of askes indirect
questions, listen actively, get to know your client as a person & speak
their language. During this process, designers might see some design ideas or
visual concepts that may be something in a form of colors,
forms, shapes, etc. & these all led by the abstract words that have become
a part of the verbal concept.

Create a story & make format: The above two things are the formation of the concept. Now the last step is to
create the story for your concept which binds it strongly with the design. That
story will come through the problem for which you are developing a concept. It
could be related to the site, its climate, location, or even the vision of
that site. After creating the concept it should be in a way of the discussion
format, that you can be discussed with your client & share the complete
formation of it, then the client will also share his thought about it &
after all the final discussion you can proceed with the further design process.

The concept is an
important element of interior design because each concept has its own story
& that story gives the strengths to that space or design formation, while
work in progress & finishing. Every design decision you make will fall
back on your concept for direction & work will go on without confusion. 

What is the Theme in Interior

In general, the theme is a subpart of the
A theme is a unifying or dominant thought or pattern that passes around a given concept; more information on a thought. For any item like furniture, a theme is too detail & even for any space like even a bed. 

The concept for that specific space provides unity, context & narrative. It can not be imposed or never can be forced because it
emerges in the early design process or while developing the concept & it is
only realized with User Experience or end-user. Being a tool of the design the process becomes the thing which in the selection of
textures, materials, forms, or even an abstract. 
Example style of color, delicate ambiance, feel of texture, patterns & shapes, composition, etc.

What is the Style in Interior

Style is a crucial element while
designing any interior space because the style will give you the final
composition & look of the design. Design styles usually carry with them
certain principles of what the objectives of design are & techniques for
how to complete those objectives. Styles are the set of features, design
elements, philosophy, harmony between all the characteristics  & define a particular era.

Usually, the styles are not created while designing, they are
supposed to be implemented. Because they are coming from a historic
objectives & motives from that
era, so you need to take inspiration from
  Designers select the style according
to their client’s need, taste, wishes & requirements of how they want their
space is to be with referring particular era or time. There are no limit that
many styles
you have to take for one project, just remember one thing that design should be
calm & inspiring without chaos. We blessed with various original design
styles in Interior & architecture both: Minimalism, Classical Modernism, Contemporary, Scandinavian Style. It’s not a full list of trends that have existed & continue for a long time to understand art & architecture.

Difference between concept, theme
& style in interior design

There are many people who get confused in
these three terms of designing i. e. concept, theme & style. But in
reality, these are different from each other. All these are influential for any
design process because they give intensity, meaning & story to the design
& make that space liveable & inspirational forever. The difference
between all three is;

The concept is an initial framework &
solution for any design. It
is a
visual or an
abstract idea
which is coming from problems or challenges on site. It gives you direction throughout the project for a bigger picture.

A theme is an overlay to the concept
that helps
to tie
all of the various spaces together. It is the subpart of the concept which is
more detail-oriented than the concept.

A style is not that much harder
concept & theme, it is all about to take inspiration from the historic a golden era in the
current living atmosphere. 

The concept will teach you how to create
ideology, the theme will give you a motive to design & style will inspire
you to design. After all, this is your choice to design with these elements or
not is your choice but if you want to grow your design efficiency &
authenticity do the design with the help of concept, theme & style, they
will give confidence in
imagination power & you will definitely make miracles out of it.

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