Describing A Styles Chain: What Is
Urban Modern Style In Interior Design? : Design For Cosmopolitan Lifestyle

Each design style has developed with its
own history, aesthetics, and design philosophy which guides us that how to
follow and implement it in reality, but the Urban modern style guides us that
how to live in a
hectic lifestyle.
Urban modern is a popular design style in today’s contemporary design world,
because of its uniqueness & characteristics which represent it on top of
the list. This style,
especially born
for a cosmopolitan lifestyle or metropolitan lifestyle to give the calm &
refreshing ambiance to your space.

An urban, modern style has a
combination of a group of styles that flourished in their individual
journey with their aesthetics. These styles are 

Industrial Loft Having An Open Floor Plan
& Earthy Feel Of Urban Modern Style   

What Is Urban Modern Style? 

The urban modern design style is the
21st-century style, which is developed for cosmopolitan living or its hectic
lifestyle. People who live in big urban cities with their chaotic and busy
scheduled work hours, urban modern is for these people live their
life comfortable
and willingly.
The style made for urban apartments,
even bigger
can adapt this style having with a large area, a person who dreams of city life
will basically like and live this design style.

The style has a combination of a
contemporary ambiance,
roughness with more towards softer side, minimalist approach to combine all the
things & mid-century charm who will give the comfort and timeless aesthetic
to the entire composition and they represent the ultimate urban modern style.
Absolutely someone who lives in a city with having a hectic life or maybe
someone who may temporarily shift their way of life from the city when they are
at home, that person will go for this style to the better enhancement of their
particular lifestyle.

Any light and airy space with plenty of
room is the ideal space for the urban modern style such as urban apartments,
industrial lofts or rooftop apartment having with an open and spacious view,
but again this is not a thumb rule, it is the style for happiness so any space
can adapt this style with its esthetics. An ample of natural light with floor to
ceiling windows, open ceiling & floor plan these characteristics create an
architectural drama into space. 

Urban Apartment With Splash Of White
Walls With Industrial Lighting & Comfortable Seating  


The Urban modern design style has the
power to make the perfect combination of styles that means if you love the
various styles
your space then this style will magic for you. 
It is characterized by highlight architecture, pleasing continuity,
manage the scale, style fusion, and natural material. 

Apartment With A Ample Of Natural Light,

 Seating With Soft Industrial Touch 

  • Floor to ceiling high window to
    blazing the area
    with lots of natural light
  • Highlight exposed beam & column
  • Exposed ceiling & lighting to give
    industrial loft

Pleasing Continuity

  • Create continuity with the same color on
    the wall of all rooms or with the same pattern on different colors it
    maybe on wall or fabric
  • Create a sophisticated floor plan with
    symmetrical area coverage

Manage The Scale

  • Do play with scale-like sofa seating
    having a big painting on the background or highlight the area with a large
  • Take oversized furniture complimenting
    with small artifacts

Fusion Of Styles

  • The combination of the styles which
    create drama, comfort & glamor into the interior
  • Make the space with a delightful style fusion for that follow
    layer designing approach such as furniture layer, soft furnishing layer, etc.

Natural Material

  • Natural materials like stone, wood,
    leather, wool, and concrete
    are used
  • Natural wood flooring, comfortable wool
    textile, brick, stone & concrete walls are the prime features

Elements Of Urban Modern Design

After understanding the meaning,
and characteristics of the Urban Modern design style, you
need to understand the elements of design that give the added sophistication
the extraordinary design
style. Below are the design elements:

Neutral Colors
Calming Tones

  • Neutral shades such as
    brown, black,
    gray,  white or off-white
  • Bold colors for accessories such as paintings,
    sculptures & soft furnishing or statement furniture


  • According to the combination of styles
    set the layered approach to select the furniture
  • Soft, comfortable & earthy look may
    fit more into the style

Warm Textile 

  • Soft & a comfortable textile to give
    a cozy
  • Colors may bold or neutral, but with a
    clean or organic pattern, even if plain textile adds the glamour
  • Soft rug, cushions & throws are the
    primary textile

Accessories & Artwork

  • Bold & statement pieces create drama
    with neutral interior
  • Include plants also to add beauty &
    connection with nature
  • Accent light fixtures also make the

Soft Visual Touch Of Urban Modern Style 




After all, an urban modern style stands
out because of its unique principle that you & your space should be
connected with city life,
on a softer side, that may include where you live, what is your lifestyle, and
how you appreciate it with the grace of happiness. It is a perfect balance of
comfort & glamour with a soft connection to nature. If you want refreshing,
calming yet glamorous style to build your own oasis in the city then urban
modern is the style for you & your space. 

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